SIM University


SIM, Singapore
Advanced Diploma in Events and Tourism Management
Diploma in Accounting (DAC)
Diploma in Banking and Finance ( DBF)
Diploma in International Business (DIB)
Diploma in Management Studies (DMS)
Management Foundation Studies (MFS)

RMIT University, Australia
*Bachelor of Business
-Economics and Finance
-Logistics and supply Chain Management
*Bachelor of Communication
-Professional Communication
University of Wollongong, Australia
*Bachelor of Computer Science
- Digital System Security
-Multimedia and Game Development
*Bachelor of Science - Psychology
University of Birmingham, UK

*Bachelor of Science (Honours)
-Business Management
-Business Management with Communications
-International Business
University of London, UK
-International Foundation Programme
-Diploma in Economics (DE)
* Bachelor of Science (Honours) in
- Computing & Information Systems
- Creative Computing
* Bachelor of Science (Honours) in
- Accounting & Finance
-Banking & Finance
-Business Management
-Economics & Finance
-Economics & Management
-Economics   & Politics
-Information Systems & Management
-International Relations
-Mathematics & Economics

University of Southampton, UK

*Bachelor of Science (Honours) in
- Marketing

University of Stirling

*Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in
- Retail and Marketing
- Sports Studies and Marketing
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, US

*Bachelor of Arts
- Communication
- Economic s
-International Trade
*Bachelor   of   science (Business  Administration)
* Double  Degree
 -Bachelor  of  Science(Business  Administration) and  Bachelor  of  Arts  (Psychology)
 -Bachelor  of  Science(Business  Administration) and  Bachelor  of  Arts  (International Trade)
 -Bachelor  of  Science(Business  Administration) and  Bachelor   of  Arts (Economics)
*Double Major
*Bachelor   of   Arts
-Communication and Psychology
-Communication and Sociology
-Economics  and  Psychology
-Psychology and Sociology
-International Trade and  Psychology

Partners Universities

- RMIT University
- University of Wollongong

United Kingdom (UK)
- The University of Sheffield
- The University of Warwick
- University of Birmingham
- University of London
- University of Southampton
- University of Stirling

United States of America (US)
- University at Buffalo, The State University of New Yor

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