Auston Singapore

Auston Institute is a private school,founded in 1996.That has been preparing student for careers in Engineering and Project-Management. Mission Mission is to provide whole person education through career development , social growth and career links. Vision Vision is to be an excellent choice of college for higher education in challenging ,technical fields.

​Auston Programmes


English Programme

·         Preparatory course for Anglia International Examination In English (APEC)

Foundation Course

·         Certificate of Foundation for Higher Education
·         Progrmming Bootcamp

Diplomas and Higher Diplomas

·         Construciton Project Management
·         Business Management
·         Business Intelligence
·         Business Information Technology
·         Computer Science
·         Computer Security
·         Electronics Engineering
·         Telecommunication and networks engineering
·         Mechatronics Engineering

Undergraduate (Top-Up)

·         Business Management
·         Business Information Technology
·         Electronics and communicatons engineering
·         Mechatronics
·         Computer Networks and Security
·         Electronics Engineering( Microelectronics)
·         Telecommunication and networks engineering


·         Project Management
·         Programme and project management
·         Master of business Administration


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