Monash Malaysia

Monash University Malaysia

The Malaysian campus of Monash University opened in 1998 and is located within the Bandar Sunway township in Malaysia. It was the first foreign university in Malaysia.[1] Monash University Malaysia is one of several Monash University campuses and centres outside the State of Victoria in Australia. Monash University also has a centre in Prato, Italy, a campus in South Africa and a research academy in India.
Monash University Malaysia has been given the rating of 'excellent' by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education,[2] which entitles it to government sponsorship of its students, government research grants and greater flexibility in setting staff salaries.
Monash University Malaysia is currently home to approximately 6,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.[3] The current head of the campus is Pro-Vice-Chancellor & President (Malaysia) Professor Helen Bartlett. While other Australian universities have struggled to compete in Asia, Monash University Malaysia has returned a surplus since 2003, which is re-invested in the campus.[4]
In September 2007, the University opened its new RM200 million campus, including a new medical school. The new campus was officially opened by then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak. Currently, Malaysia is the third largest campus of Monash University after the Clayton Campus and the Caulfield Campus. The new campus means that Monash Malaysia can now accommodate up to 5,000 students. The campus capacity will be further increased when phase 2 of its development is carried out.
As one of the eight Monash University campuses, the Malaysian campus is subject to Monash University for all matters related to academic development, teaching and support.

1.  School of Science
Medical and pharmaceutical research, biotechnology, genetic engineering, biomedical instrumentation, food science and technology, and environmental consulting
2.  School of Arts & Social Sciences
 Journalism, politics, publishing and editing, corporate communications, marketing and advertising, diplomacy and foreign affairs, tourism and hospitality, and filmmaking and the performing arts
3.  School of Business
4.  School of Engineering
5.  School of Information Technology Program
6.  School of Medicine
7.  School of Pharmacy


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