History : established in  2000 
Program : Diploma in Fashion Design + Diploma in Interior and Product Design. The program is 2 years long accredited by Office of Private Education Commissioner under Ministry of Education Thailand with 2 levels format. The student can transfer credits to IED, NABA in Italy and complete the Bachelor Degree validated by Ministry of Italian Education within only 2 years; or also to Ulsan University (in Korea) for also 2 years for the BA degree; or 2 years to University for the Creative Arts in UK. 
*The program is conducted entirely English, student don't have to submit IELTS but required to have enough English skills to follow the class. Admission to program requires the student hold a equivalent certification of high school graduation of M6 of Thailand. 
*To be admitted to top-up degree in Italy, UK and Korea. The student may required extra documents issues by the foreign embassy located in the country where the documents were issued. 
*GPA at least C and good portfolio are required for top-up degree 
Living expense in Bangkok : The rental for a single studio room nearby the school could cost a monthly fee around 6,000-7,500 THB. It could be higher if the students choose in high end or condominium. Meals at the normal restaurant is 30-40 per. Materials for learning may cost around 2,000 THB per month. 
Tuition Fee : The full tuition fee of 2 years program is 191,000 THB for year 2018/2019 academic year . The student can pay by 2 installments (international) 


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